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Monday, January 7, 2008

What Is Going Oooooonnnn?

So, seriously, what the hell? 'Member how I wrote about my car? Yeah, the 400 bucks to fix it. Well, turns out they broke a bolt trying to fix it, and it is STILL in the shop. When will I get it back? And I quote, "Sometime next week. No idea when really." Then today, my washing machine broke AGAIN. I just spent 120 bucks fixing the b**ch like two months ago. Did I mention I have to fork over 1,725 bucks for tuition before Wedenesday? WTF?!? WTF?!? WTF?!?

That is all.

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Miyax said...

Welcome to MY financial world. Every time I have another set back I think, ...
"Trouble comes not as single spies but in battalions."(...or something like that...I probably shouldn't be quoting it huh?) - Shakespeare