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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blast from the Past-Double Dip

So, this week I got a comment on MySpace from one of my old college roommates, Todd. Todd is now an ER nurse in Baton Rouge. He's married to the awesome Bethanie, whom he met while rooming with me, and they have two cutie-patooties, Grace and Christian. He let me know he was coming down to Lafayette for a review course for his nurse practitioner board exam, and we decided to get together for lunch. We went over to Antoni's with his buddy and fellow nurse Jody. We had a great time catching up. (I was trying to think of the last time I saw him, and I think it's been over five years. Wow! Time does fly!) You know how there are certain people with whom it seems not a day has gone by since you last saw them, and you're just always super comfortable with them? Well, that's how I feel when I see Todd. I always had really good luck with roommates, but Todd was definitely my favorite. He was a totally laid back guy who loved to party with me, paid all his bills on time, and never caused any drama. He's still that great guy- handsome, funny, honest- with the addition of a beautiful wife and kids. In fact, the only character flaw I can think of is that he's allowed himself to be sucked into the LSU vortex, although he's a graduate of UL. Evidence:

WTF, Todd?!?

I'll have to chalk it up to the fact that he's living in the greater BR area and has been brainwashed. Although this is a major flaw in his otherwise stellar attributes, I'm willing to forgive and accept him, albeit grudgingly, because he's such a cool dude. And meeting up with Todd made me feel all nostalgic, so I broke out the old photo albums and, sure enough, I had a few pics of my boy from the old days on Henry Street.

Payin' the rent- on time!

Awww, cher! Those kids didn't get all their cuteness from Bethanie.

This is one of the more frequent views we had of each other when we lived together. I wouldn't remember when this was but on the back of the photo, I happened to make the helpful notation "Todd passed out after Mardi Gras- 1994." Apparently, I knew even then that frequent and massive consumption of alcohol would eventually cause large memory gaps.

After the fun luch with Todd, I had another trip down memory lane by attending the UL basketball game and watching the Cajuns whoop up on some UNO in fine style. This year's team is really coming around. They're 4-0 in conference. Hope they can keep it up. *fingers crossed* After the game, the mayor and first lady treated us to sushi at Bonsai. As always, it was delish. And speaking of the mayor and first lady, how about another trip back in time?

The 'rents on vacation in Arkansas circa 1994.

And, just a friendly warning to all of my family members, I also found some other great pictures which I will break out in the near future as archival footage. Be very afraid!

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