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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Superfluousness

So no big whoops in the Mottram household lately (or probably ever in the minds of most who read this blog). Thus, I present to you a list of the stuff that's been occupying my mind of late. I know, I know. You can hardly wait. No, really. You must try to curb your enthusiasm.

* The good news: the mayor survived his pacemaker placement and arteriogram. The bad news: he has to have another procedure. In the mayor's own words via email:
Wednesday is the date for the stent. They will have to go into the abdominal artery through my left groin. If the bruise colors are anything like those on my right groin, which they used for the arteriogram, I can cover up my privates and go into public places explaining these are tattoos of evening sunsets displayed in my groin areas.....the new thing in tattooing, forget the biceps!

This is an evidentiary email that proves, once and for all, from whom I inherited my cute lil' wit. Also, it makes me realize how much I hate the word groin. That is one icky word, no?

* The semester has begun, and it looks like I am in for a world of hurt. Too, too much readin' and writin'. I may have bitten off more than I can chew by taking four classes. Time will tell.

* Geography nerds unite! Two fun games to which I was alerted through many hours of randomly surfing the internets. I pride myself on the fact that, despite receiving the most dismal of edification about geography during my school tenure, I have a pretty good grasp of the relative location of lots and lots of places. These two sites shot that whole theory to s**t in a hurry. By playing this U.S. state identification game, I found out that I have no idea where any of the New England states are AND when it comes to the Four Corner states, they are, apparently, all interchangeable in my mind. But this was only a minor scrape on my geographical self-aggrandizing, for when I played this world geography location game, I found out that I have literally no concept of where any country in Africa is (except for South Africa, which a trained monkey could also probably find). But the O.J.-like stab to my sorely over-estimated knowledge of the globe was when I realized that pretty much any question that asked me to pinpoint a place located east of Africa and west of California, left me scratching my head in a Neanderthalish manner. Frightening.

* Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!! Say it ain't so, Kuccy! Sniff, sniff. I'm so depressed now.

* I'm not trying to be all judgey and stuff, but why did that masseuse who found Heath Ledger unconscious and not breathing call Mary Kate freaking Olsen THREE times before she called 911?!? Apparently, it doesn't matter as he was well past the point of resuscitation by the time she found him, but still. And, as for Heath Ledger's untimely passing, it made me really sad. I loved him in Ten Things I Hate About You, one of his first roles, so it was weird when I started to realize that quite a few people weren't even sure who he was, including Alex. All Alex knew about Heath Ledger was that he was in "that gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain". This makes me even more sad. Ledger's performance was incredible in that movie. Ugh, I could cry just thinking about his character in that movie. Anyway...God speed to Heath. I hope he's in a place of peace and joy.

* Thank you, Dana Jacobsen, for reminding me not to make a perfect a** of myself. I found the whole thing especially cringe-worthy since I could totally see myself having a horrible lack-of-good-judgement episode like hers. Henceforth, Alex can expect to find me muttering Don't be a Dana Jacobsen... don't be a Dana Jacobsen... to myself before entering any event where liberal imbibing of alcoholic beverages is involved lest I become the subject of a photograph such as this:

* Over my semester break, I had the chance to read my favorite type of book (fiction!) for my favorite purpose (leisure!). Somehow I ended up with a book by Harlan Coben. I don't even know where it came from, but it was on a shelf and realizing that I'd never read it, I did just that. Now, I'm not that big of a fan of thrillers, crime dramas, serial murder mysteries, or whatever you want to call them, but this Harlan Coben fella was right up my alley. I read four of the books in his series starring Myron Bolitar, a sports agent, as the protagonist. The books are chockful of wickedly funny and quirky characters and plot twists. If you're looking for some humorous, quick, and engaging reading, you'd probably enjoy this series. I highly recommend it.

That's all for now, my fave peeps! Have a fantastic weekend!

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