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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Hoops Time!

So I really don't have time to do this, but it's been a while since I posted, and I know you guys miss me. Hey, I heard that! Pipe down in the peanut gallery over there.

Anyway, tonight, after class, I did what I shouldn't have done because I don't have the time to do it and headed over to the Cajundome to check out the first men's basketball game of the season. Okay, so it was an exhibition game, but those are the best ones, right? Everybody plays, and it's a guaranteed win. In the midst of the asstastic football season we're having, it's even sweeter. And, oh my, I must not forget to mention that the mayor and first lady (the bestest, most awesomest, most generous, loving 'rents on the planet) ponied up for season tickets for Alex and me since we can no longer afford it. I know, I know! They're fan-friggin-tastic, people!

I only got to see the second half, but this team will be better than last year's. That's not saying much if you know anything about last year's team, but still. They're very young but very athletic. I saw glimpses of greatness, I swear. Not that it matters because, barring death by insane professors seeking overdue papers, I will have my tired old booty parked in a bright orange bleacher seat for every game. This is due to the fact that I love, love, love Cajun basketball season. I will now list my top ten reasons for adoration:
1. Cold beer!
2. It's inside so you don't have to worry about weather conditions messin' with your 'do if you're a chick like me.
4. There's constant entertainment. During time outs, you get to watch the cheerleaders cheer and the Ragin' Jazz dance. And I don't care what anyone says, the dude on the Jazz is the best dancer of the bunch. Geaux, Kyle, shake what ya momma gave ya!
5. Frosty 24 ounce beers!
6. Hot roasted peanuts that you can shell and eat and spew all over the place when you scream and yell and cheer. Bonus points for being able to throw the detritus onto the floor and not even get in trouble.
7. Dome foam, baby! (That's beer.)
8. Alex will attend and, at points, even uncross his arms to clap. This is Alex in his excited mode. It is something to behold.
9. The acoustics in the Cajundome are phenomenal. You can hear Coach Lee having a coronary all the way up in the second level. A grown man throwing a fit over sports is freakin' fun to watch...from a distance...even when your team is losing.
10. Did I mention you can drink lots of beer?

On another front, damn you Darren Mack! The dude pleaded out! This totally cramps my usual "at least I'm not that guy" coping mechanism. A**hole. I so wanted to see that jury convict that cretin. Then again, I was thinking the same thing at the end of the O.J. trial, so what a cracker know anyway?

Have a super-duper rest of the week, fav peeps!

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