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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hail to the Chief; He's the Chief That Must be Hailed!

So during a break from working on a project today (kill me, now!), I headed over to the ABC News website to complete their Match-o-Matic quiz. The quiz provides you with your "best match" in a presidential candidate. Based on the issues, of course, not things like "enjoys eating Pringles, reading Perez Hilton and online shopping at JCrew, just like you do!" They don't have that kind of candidate, unfortunately. So I kind of just randomly went through and clicked answers. Some stuff I really wasn't sure about, so I chose the answer that had the biggest words. My theory was this: big words = smart person answer. Mmmm-hmmm, I know...I think the same thing all the time- tell me again how the hell this chick got into a graduate school? But I digress. My point? Ah! The results were friggin' over-the-top awesome! Guess! Guess! Guess! You know who it is, right?

My new main man, freakin' Dennis Kucinich! Yes, the one who keeps rearing his ugly head at me in random ways. Like when I grabbed an Esquire magazine to read while on the treamill, and there was an in-depth interview with the guy, which I quickly devoured with glee. Turns out, Dennis has so many more attributes than just the mojo to nab a hot lady. Diet? Vegan, naturally. Celebrity best friend? Shirley "I love aliens!" MacLaine. And so much more. Sibling with arrest record/psychopathologic diagnosis? Check! Been the target of an assassination plot? Check! Tried to impeach Dick Cheney? Check! Took on "The Man"? Check!

I looooooooove this dude. I mean, my God, the man is from Cleveland for crying out loud! Next to Indians baseball, Dennis Kucinich is the most entertaining thing out of Cleveland, Ohio, (home of people whom I like to stereotype as dancing to polka music, eating kielbasa, and engaging in bowling leagues regularly) in years...decades...hell, centuries!

And now I offer up a prayer to baby Jesus that a miracle will occur and "Kuccy," as I like to call him, will end up as the Democratic nominee. It'll be the best presidential election EVER! It'll be like, like, like, the Being Bobby Brown of presidential elections. Please, oh please, oh please!

Be with me on this one, my peeps! Support a poor girl's dream!

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