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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hells Yeah!

So the mayor went up to Mufreesboro, Tennessee, this past Saturday to watch the Cajuns take on the Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders. He reported on the awesome time he had tailgating with some of the Raider fans he's met through Ragin' Pagin. He claims that, aside from Cajun fans of course, the MTSU fans are the most welcoming and genial bunch of gridiron fanatics he's ever had the pleasure to meet. But the best part of the trip, he said, was the Cajuns' VICTORY! Yeah, that's right. That's no misprint, my peeps. They won! In style, I must say, with a score of 34-24. Start the chant- Save the season! Save the season! Save the season! 'Kay, that might be a little optimistic. Maybe...Salvage what remains of your dignity! Salvage what remains of your dignity! Salvage what remains of your dignity! the season has a much better ring to it, even if it is statistically impossible. All kidding aside, I would be really ecstatic if they managed to win their last two games. 4-8 is better than 2-10 any day, am I right? What follows are pics that Daddy sent me of his fine time partying with the Blue Raider Nation.

Pops doing "The Roostah!"

This is the "Hillbilly Hilton," a pimped out school bus that is a landmark at MTSU tailagting.

This is garbage can cooked turkey. This is a new one on me. Dad said it was delicious; the man knows his food, so I'll take his word for it.

KajunRaider and his band of merry Raider fans seem to be just as serious about their tailgating as the Krewe de Chew is. That's a big ole table full o' food! Yum!

Here's to the Cajuns and your team winning this weekend! Who loves ya best, fav peeps? :) Lil' ol' me- that's who! :) Hope you guys have a terrific rest of the week!

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