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Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Orleans Calling. Will You Accept The Charges?

by BDaigle

"I got them first trimester blueeeessss.... oh yeaaah....nausea got me baaaaad!!!"

Well, that song's over or at least it's fallen out of the Top 40 rotatation. Melissa is feeling better now that the first trimester is over. The nausea is gone and hopefully for good. Her appetite is slowly coming back, but I'm still serving her two-year old portions. The good news is when we go out to eat, we only have to order one entree if we get an appetizer. Her energy is coming back and there have been a few days where's she not had a nap and not been struggling to keep her eyes open by 6:30pm. The bambino is doing well after her last visit with her doctor's group's practice's nurse practitioner. (That was confusing for me and I wrote it. Paying attention in 8th grade English would have helped too. Sorry Mrs. Stagg.) She got an ultrasound and the heartbeat was good. She also said it jumped 3 inches during the ultrasound. (3 INCHES!! And at that time is was like the size of a grape! So by my man-logic, this kid will be able to dunk by the time its four! Yeees! College is paid for baby!!)

So the first trimester symptoms have left us and we begin the second trimester which has brought its own symptoms, some of which seem to be nomally associated with it. Then there are some symptoms that only seem to be suffered by Melissa and no other pregnant woman in known medical history. I am not at liberty to discuss these symptoms as she regards them as embarrassing and I do enjoy sleeping in my own bed, no matter how comfortable our new couch may be.

All is well for the time being here in NOLA and if we get decent pictures at the next ultrasound, I may scan them and post 'em on here. Maybe.

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