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Monday, June 9, 2008

Mary Grace Hits the Big ONE

by CajunKate

So yesterday the majority of the current and former Prudhommians headed over to Ted and Molly's to celebrate Mary Grace's first birthday. When Molly called to invite us, I told the Zandinator that I really wanted him to come because I wanted to video the ceremonial blowing out of the birthday candle but, because I am in love with my new camera, I would be too busy taking copious amounts of momentous pics to do the video stuff, so would he please, please come with me. Alex normally gets a pass on the kiddos' birthday parties, well, there are buttloads of ankle biters hopped up on sugar, and Alex no likey. I am totally okay with this. Having grown up in a big family with lots of yelling and fighting and tears and injuries and general bedlam and chaos, it is no big whoop for me, but I can totally empathize with someone who would run screaming in the other direction at the mere mention of an invitation to witness it all firsthand. That's a good thing since I am married to that person. Still Zandy sucked it up and obliged this once. More on this later.

Prior to the party, Ted and Molly had really hyped up the party to the boys telling them that since Mary Grace is the only girl, there would be a big blowout with ponies in the backyard and a private show by Disney On Ice. You can imagine their consternation when it turned out to be just cake and ice cream like every one of their birthday parties. Mary Grace didn't even get the usual pinata! Boo! Hiss! Of course, Ted and Molly thought it most hilarious to torture their boys in such a manner. And I could not agree more!

Mary Grace was dressed in a lovely pink frock, and she had a pink castle cake which she ate very demurely leaving nary a crumb on her face. The boys got more on their faces and the floor than she did. How she remains so ladylike and composed in that house full of testosterone is beyond me, though I see no way that she won't eventually be sucked into the male vortex and end up mud wrestling at some point. Additionally, I'd like to point out that she has the awesome set of initials ever- M.G.D.- sure to invoke envy on the part of all men everywhere since, as everyone knows, they also stand for Miller Genuine Draft, preferred beverage of rowdy frat boys, and all I have to say about that is...! I'd love to show you the fun video of the singing and the blowing out of the candle, but I was so caught up in taking pictures that it was all over by the time I realized Alex had totally not done his videoing job. Me being me, I called him out in front of everyone by yelling, "But that's what I BROUGHT you for!" Then I told him he was grounded. And everyone laughed...except Alex whose eyes said, Oh, there will be payback for this little tantrum.

I took lots and lots and lots of pics. Like over one hundred. I'm putting up just a few of my favorites, but you can see tons more on my Flickr page. The link is over to the right. I had time to upload them because our house is kid-free, though I did whip up a Banquet chicken pot pie and and Kraft Easy Mac for Alex tonight. See, it's
like having a kid... but one who manages the Quicken stuff... and doesn't throw up all over me...knock on wood.

All the boys in the pool (l to r): Gabe, Max, John Thomas, and Sam



Joe Cool a.k.a Max


The Birthday Girl

And, oh my God, she is so cute and delicious that I just want to devour her whole!

The party only really gets started once the guest of honor gets semi-naked, right?

Every lady knows how to give a good raspberry to the old woman shoving a camera in her face every two seconds.

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