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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

by CajunKate

Dear Dad,
So today is the day we honor our fathers. I am truly blessed to have a father. Some people have none, and some have a man who simply raised them, but I have a father. To me, having a father means I have an endless supply of everlasting, unconditional love. How did I come to this definition of father? How could I not? I have you. Happy Father's Day, Daddy. To say I love you is not enough. Not nearly enough.


1954- Before his kids were even a twinkle in his eye

2008- Still lookin' good after the stress of six kids

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The Mayor said...

Thanks for the kind remarks, the wonderful Ragin Cajun gear, and the lemon chess(?) pie.

I had a very nice day, thanks to all the children. I guess they have forgotten or forgiven their old mean Daddy, who insisted that they behave when we dined playing with the silver ware, whining about the food being late, being loud etc.

It was tough love, but it turned six children into upstanding citizens. Ones who no right from wrong, and accept their parents for who they are.

Could not ask for better children!

The Mayor aka Poppa Smurf