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Monday, April 5, 2010

DELETE IT! Easter 2010: A Peaceful, Family Love Fest

by CajunKate

So, we celebrated Easter. Ah, Easter! What a calm, fun-filled holiday, right? The colorful eggs, the cute bunny thing, the chocolate treats, the pastel couture, the screaming...wait, what? Uh-huh. And I am totally guilty of starting it. Bad, bad aunt. How did the Daigle Easter celebration go from love fest to sibling scream fest? Well...

Easter Sunday began with me discovering my basket had arrived from the Easter Bunny, and it had EVERYTHING I wanted in it. Mostly because I went shopping with the Easter Bunny at CVS pointing out to him exactly what he should purchase for me. My Easter Bunny needs hands-on direction if I'm to get everything I want. And, when it comes to Easter, since it's my favorite holiday, it
IS all about me. Um, and the Risen Lord, of course... uh, here's my basket:

Oh, and the Zandinator got an awesome basket, too. See his cute little basket? His mom gave it to me. It's the same basket he's seen every Easter morning since he was born. Isn't that SO cute? Also, old. REALLY old. Like "that basket is 40 years old!" old. Thus, we can conclude that Zandy is old. Poor Zandy. Here's the old guy's basket:

Around 2:00 we headed out to the Daigle Easter celebration. Now, normally, this celbration would take place at my parents' home... except my parents have been homeless since July when they sold their home to Ted and Molly. Well, they have a home. It's just not ready. They bought a family member's home and had it moved. It's right next door to their old home, now Ted and Molly's home. They were supposed to be living in it by December. It's now April, and my parents are living in their camper at a campground a few miles from their new house, which looks like this:

Yeah, not close to being ready. So, my mom decided that we should all go to the campground for Easter. Why didn't we just go to Ted and Molly's? I have no idea. And if there's one thing I've learned in 40 years of being the First Lady's child, you don't question these things. Just go with it. Otherwise, you risk the possibility of "questioning her judgment" and, trust me, you
do not want to go there. So, off to the campground we went. When the nieces and nephews arrived, Daddy asked Mary Grace what she thought of Ma-Mere's "house," to which Mary promptly replied, "I like dis new house, Pa-Pere!" So, there ya go. A stunning endorsement of Mom's choice of Easter venues.

Now, a few weeks ago, Max had so much fun using and took so much interest in my camera that, when I ran across an awesome deal on, I just had to get him his own digital camera. Now, contrary to popular belief, I am not stupid. I didn't show up with a digital camera for Max and nothing for the rest of the clan. I got all of them a little something. The rest of the boys got water balloon kits and Mary got a Barbie. But Max's gift was definitely a hit. He was SO excited!

We had to run up to the Eunice Walmart to get an SD card because I had forgotten to bring one from home, and Max needed it because he had discovered that the camera had video capability... and this is where the screaming comes in. Max, who had repeated no less than 500 times that he needed a YouTube account so he could upload his videos, took video of Sam. Now, I don't know what Sam was doing on that video, but I am assuming that it was something goofy and/or embarrassing because, the next thing I knew, Sam was chasing after Max sxreaming, "DELETE IT! DELETE IT, MAX! I don't wanna be on YouTube! MOOOOOOOOOOOM! Max is gonna put me on YouTube! I DON'T WANNA BE ON YOUTUBE, MOOOOOOOOM! DELETE IT, MAX!" Which, ya know, is kind of funny the first time, but then when Uncle Bydee gets in on the act and encourages Max to video Sam in shots Uncle Bydee sets up of himself tripping Sam, bouncing footballs of off his head, etc., you end up with at least an hour of such screaming. Until MOOOOOOOOM is rolling her eyes and aggravated and has had "just about enough already!" And, as we all know, when any Mom busts out with that line, the party's over. And, truly, if I had known that a camera with video would have caused all that screaming and pouting, I never would have gotten it. Probably. Maybe. I mean, I did get to capture these moments of Sammy's angst, which I think are absolutely hysterical. So, you was TOTALLY WORTH IT! (Sorry, Molly!) Behold the Sam angst!

We took a break from the wailing, to eat the Mayor's signature crawfish etouffee, which was outta sight delicious, as usual. And I brought a ham that I had bought from a school fundraiser. Here's what I have to say about that: NEVER buy a ham from a school fundraiser. It was awful. The worst ham I've ever eaten. Sorry, family!

But, in all seriousness, it was a great afternoon. We had so much fun hanging out and eating with the family. But next year, I'll remember- no video of Sam. We need to find a new way to torture him. Juuuuust kidding, Sammy! Maybe. Probably.

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter, my peeps! Keep on, keepin' on! Oh, you can see more pics, HERE.

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